Matt Monro Jr. wants Filipina for a wife

KALIBO, Aklan–Matt Monro Jr. admitted Wednesday that one reason for his frequent travels in the Philippines is to look for a Filipina wife as what his father told him while he was still alive.

In a press conference here, Matt Jr. said that aside from his forthcoming concert here in Kalibo on April 18, he is also scheduled to visit Iloilo, Bacolod, Victorias City and Mindanao this year to promote the legacy of his father.

Proceeds of the concert will go to the therapy of some 286 special children under the Stimulation and Therapeutic Center here.

“I have been traveling around the world not only to sing but also for the many projects that benefit humanitarian efforts like for cancer patients,” Monro said.

When asked why he is looking for a Filipina to be his wife, the singer said that he likes the attitude of Filipina women who unconditionally love the family and husband.

“Before my father died, he told me if it’s possible for me to marry a Filipina and I am still looking for her,” Monro said.

At 19, Matt Jr. was already married in England and has a child. He said that the marriage failed due to lack of time because of his series of travels around the world to promote the legacy of his father.


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