Fixation of ruling


TRUE or otherwise, there is this pervasive lingering and disturbing talks — some call it pure gossip while others say it is living reality — that the now chief Malacanang occupant is determined to go on governing without minding either the Constitution and/or all its probable costly social upheavals.

In other words, there is the intensive conviction and extensive perception that the now already eight long and subsequently nine year old reigning public official has the radical desire and thereby concocted pursuant design to continue governing, notwithstanding the expressed prohibition of the Fundamental Law of the Land — notwithstanding as well the more and more popular distrust and disgust heaped on the supposedly august personality concerned.

Such an adamant stance and passionate disposition can be well condensed by the phrase “Fixation of Ruling”, i.e., the strong obsession not to say delusion, to stay in tenure of power and might — or bust. In practical reality or on the ground, there is no substantive distinction between fixation and addiction.

Both of them are self-consuming, trample down upon the rule of reason plus the dictates of prudence. They both utterly disregard the marked difference between what is objectively right or categorically wrong. The super-ego comes to play such that it molds and fits even God to its own personal preference, just as it looks at others as but lowly means to its selfish option, i.e. — egoistic option and consequent devious plan.

This clearly brings to fore and lends considerable credence to the not-so-secret determined move to bring about a Charter Change through but a Constituent Assembly — with the well orchestrated move of the many well known Malacanang much rewarded allies both in the House and the Senate. The often repeated chant that the primary target of Charter Change has reference to the economic provisions of the Constitution is but a poor camouflage.

In line with the reality and spirit of the “Fixation of Ruling”, the primary and real target is either to bring about a change in the form of government or to extend the term of Office specially of the fixated ruler — and possibly other high elected public officials in the latter’s entourage. In case Charter Change does not happen, there is the option of “Emergency Rule” with staged manages explosions of a bomb here and there.

In case all the above prove either futile or non-viable, let the automated national elections take place as provided by the Constitution. But even in this eventuality, the sill remains a reserved option — still well in line with the “Fixation of Ruling”. Considering the non-familiarity of both the Comelec and the electorate in the concrete mechanics, particular use and specific functions of the electoral machines designed by a favored and chosen provider, all these are anything but truly comforting for a honest, orderly and credible election.

Result: Big accusations and loud counter-accusations of cheating — much more fierce and violent than those previously staged on the occasion of all previous manual elections. Recourse: Proclamation of the failure of election. Conclusion: Satisfaction of the fixation to continue ruling.



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