‘You Changed My Life’

youchangedmylifeposter5st6By MARIA SHIELA PACINO
Contributor, U.P.-Cebu College

COULD anyone still have a one-of-a-kind love story? Would you still hold on when you’re bound to let go? Well, “You Changed My Life” proved that love still conquers all.


“You Changed My Life” is a sequel of the box office hit, “A Very Special Love” where the love story of Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) and Laida Magtalas’ (Sarah Geronimo) started. In the sequel, Miggy and Laida are now officially dating. They work together as Miggy fetches Laida from her house early in the morning and brings her back after work. Their endearment, “bebe ko” is their mobile phone’s ringing tone as well. Miggy who rarely smiles before, isn’t hesitant to do so now. He became the Prince Charming that Laida wanted as he was able to gradually patch things up with his family.

Along with these change comes a twist in their career paths as both were promoted in their respective fields. This change required more time in their work, which eventually led to postponed dinner dates and cancelled special celebrations. Their career moves gave them professional breakthroughs yet their relationship is in danger of breaking up.

Adjusting to each other’s time is a major concern but time isn’t just Miggy’s dilemma, since Macoy’s intervention is a threat. Macoy (Rayver Cruz) is Laida’s best friend whom she hasn’t seen for years.
With Macoy’s intervention and with their career adjustments, would they still get a happily ever after?

While recalling some scenarios from the previous movie, I’ve noticed that the addition of Macoy’s character in the story brings in a new flavor to it. Introducing someone from Laida’s life before she met Miggy is interesting. Macoy’s character reveals the Laida that she used to be and the Laida that she is now. Rayver Cruz did well as Macoy but I think he’s just too young to do the role. As a viewer, I didn’t see any spark of chemistry from Sarah and Rayver since she just looks older than him. Rayver’s portrayal as Macoy was good but not good enough to convince me that he’s indeed a threat to Laida and Miggy’s love story.

Sarah on the other hand was very natural in portraying Laida. Her vibrant smile and moves appear to be so effortless on screen. Although I’ve noticed that there was a minor point of overacting, she was able to pull it off immediately. Meanwhile, John Lloyd was expectedly amazing on his being Miggy. His versatility in different scenes is very visible. And as Miggy, that certain stare to Laida’s eyes makes every girl shout and wish to be in Laida’s shoes.

Sarah and John Lloyd’s on-screen chemistry is simply astonishing. The Bea-John Lloyd love team was totally out of the picture when the lights turned off and the film started rolling. Betty and Armando’s love story was set aside as everyone was eager to witness Laida and Miggy’s comeback.

Directed by Cathy Garcia, the movie has new things in store for its viewers. From the sun dance in the “A Very Special Love” comes the power hug in “You Changed My Life.” Add the corny jokes and some robotic moves from John Lloyd and the viewers will surely find him a comedy icon.

The movie isn’t a tear-jerker type of love story. For me, its main intention is to temporarily make its viewers have that “kilig” feeling and to take them to a contemporary fairy tale.

I entered the cinema with curious points but the movie’s ending left me hanging with more curious questions.

Is there any chance for me to answer these? Well, let’s see if there’s a part three!


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