A trip to the scenic Dumaguete

UP-Cebu, Masscom-2

IT was the perfect time to temporarily break the momentum of the stressful catching up of deadlines in school.

Our photography class planned to have a fieldtrip. It was so hard to think at first because of too much excitement. In the end, it was decided to be in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

We departed from the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City at around four o’clock in the morning and traveled south to Santander, Cebu for almost three hours.

At the Liloan port in Santander, we bought our tickets and presented our student identification cards to avail of the discount. After that, we lined up and waited for our turn to get inside the small ship. The weather was good and the water was calm so we reached Sibulan port so fast in about 30-45 minutes. From the port, we took a minicab to reach the beach house where we stayed for one night and two days.

And then, we traveled to our first destination, the Casaroro Falls. To get there, we rode in a minicab up to the last not so inclined place, which it was able to bring us. We started to walk from the lowland to a slope and bumpy path in as far as five kilometers. When we reached the falls, it was just amazing and great. The long walk was all worth it. Some were busy taking pictures and others, including me, went swimming. The water was so cold that made us really quiver.

After swimming, we ate our lunch with Mother Nature and went back home walking that five kilometers again.

On the second day, we went to Bais City, Negros Oriental for dolphin watching. The two boats that we rented were ready in the dolphin watching site in Bais City, and there we ate our breakfast, typical Filipino food such as rice, egg, dried fish, longganisa, and a cup of coffee.

The boats were of different sizes, the small one, we rented for P2,000, can accommodate 10-15 persons. The bigger one which we rented for P3,000 can accommodate 15-20 persons. Each boat has one captain, one tour guide, and four other.

As the boat moved away from the coastline, the tour guide lectured about the dolphins that can be found in the area. She taught us the do’s and don’ts in dealing with them. She said that we should not touch the dolphins to avoid hurting or wounding them. We should not feed them with any food because they live in the wild, and they are not used to our food.

In the open sea, everyone was preparing to spot these dolphins. The boat continued to move further from the shore. Since the dolphins were nowhere in sight, we asked the tour guide if it was just natural to wait for a while, and she answered that sometimes it happens.
After 30 minutes, dolphins started to come out and followed our boat. We spotted a group of dolphins swimming one after another near our boat, and we hurriedly got our camera to take pictures of them.

Sometimes they swam either in pair or by groups.

They were so cute and smooth, and some were really big and others were small. They just looked so great swimming in the crystal clear water. The long wait was worth it, and we really enjoyed every bit of it.

The day has ended, and we went back home to Cebu. The break is totally over and we need to get back on track with the real world.
The trip was over but the experience was just unforgettable.


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