Adventure at Snake Mountain

UP, Cebu College

ARE you up for adventure? Maybe this one will suit your taste.
Somewhere at the heart of Bukidnon, a province in Northern Mindanao, are great mountain landscapes. Seeing those makes you feel that the mountains are just one step away.

One of these great sites is the ‘Snake Mountain.’ One can easily get there through a motorcycle or even through a car for 4-5 hours of travel

Going there you’ll pass by three barangays namely Can-ayan, Kibalabag, and Manalog. The trail is only demanding when you get to cross the river. This river serves as the borderline of Can-ayan to proceed to the steady ground going to Kibalabag. Sometimes, after a downpour, the water level of the river rises making it hard for vehicles to cross.

Once you’ve passed by the river, the trail is smooth enough to travel with. The road gets steeper and steeper as you arrive for the last barangay of Malaybalay, Manalog, where the Snake Mountain is located.

As you go along the track, you can take your time to relish the rolling hills and the cold climate of the place. From afar, you get to see waterfalls within the mountains which seem like a man peeing.

Passing by Kibalabag, you can bathe on its falls which is just few meters from the road. The water here feels like ice to the touch. Or you can have a chat with the friendly locals and meet their very old datu, whom they call as the “century man.”

After a few more kilometers, you’ll reach barangay Manalog. At the back of town’s grade school is a pleasant view of the ‘snake mountain’. The mountain ridges forms a zigzag body of the snake while the head seems to have been formed out of huge lump of land.

According to a local belief, when God created the earth, the Snake Mountain used to be a huge living bitin or snake. After the great flood, the snake was said to be caged.

The mountain then is actually named as “paiyak” or “pinaiyak” mountain which means imprisoned mountain. The locals believed that there are gold buried within the snake mountain. They also believed that after the second coming of Christ, the mountains will flatten and the snake will come to life again.

As you take time to take some great photographs, you can lay down your foods and settle for a great picnic. It’s a great place to enjoy a beautiful scene while eating some good foods.


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