Corruption in the palace: Denunciation on the ground


WHILE it is a fact that corruption is the name of the Palace by the Pasig River, it is also the truth that a great majority of common Filipinos on the ground repeatedly and emphatically voice out their denunciation of such a socio-moral malady in such a supposedly hallowed place. This is a proof that while the high and mighty corrupt leaders spread in this Country their odious virulence among their followers, it nevertheless also remains an actuality that a great number of the citizens still know the distinction between right and wrong, between virtue and vice–and accordingly say so.

This explains the ever dropping satisfaction rating, the continuously increasing disapproval grading of the chief Palace resident.

From “poor” to “bad”, from simply “bad” to “very bad”–these are the disgraceful ways most of the Filipinos look at and accordingly assess their seemingly expert, busy and loving Malacanang occupant. The periodic surveys by different independent entities repeatedly show how their said supreme national leader stands more and more distrusted and depreciated by the general public in no less than all the three regions of the Country.

It is understandable that the few favored and selected allies and big beneficiaries of the popularly despised master, are either vehemently objecting to or deeply wondering about to the latter’s standard rock bottom ratings. Needless to say, such objection and wonderment could be merely for proper and polite external posture–although interiorly they are much in accord with such a progressively high dissatisfaction grading of their boss. Their choral objections could be reduced to the following arguments:

One: Their chief is loaded with good intentions. Contra: Too bad that even hell is said to be full of good intentions.

Two: Their master is always busy going there, flying there. Contra: It’s a pity that even the evil spirit is itself ever busy.

Three: Their boss has many projects, gives many grants, funds many charity works. Contra: And the people pay for them all.

Here is an unsolicited but sincere advice so that the supreme Palace resident could have glorious and grandiose satisfaction-approval ratings anytime, all the time: Let Malacanang put up its own well funded and organized survey agency and make this regularly survey the stand and opinion of the Malacanang chosen loyalists in the three branches of the national government plus its even faithful followers in the local government. Even without thinking, the survey results are predictably always excellent in satisfaction and ever eminent in approval for their chief, master and boss.

Unless the above counter-remedial action is taken, the corruption in the Palace under the baton of its already too long staying principal tenant will be well noted and much censured by most Filipinos.


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