The chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian

UP, Cebu College, BAMC-2


IN this fourth extension of C.S. Lewis the Chronicles of Narnia series, the four Pevensies help prince Caspian battle the evil king Miraz and ascend his rightful throne. The journey begins on a train station in London; where all four of them were off to be sent to boarding schools. Just as the children sat on the seats of the train, they were pulled by an odd force they cannot see, and before they knew it, they were back to Narnia.

The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian will give you a thrilling and exciting adventure. It has twists and turns that slowly unfold at every chapter of the story. One of the interesting parts of it was that, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, have not been to Narnia for only a year. Yet when they came back to their magical land, it seemed that they’ve gone forever.

Their castle was wrecked in havoc, and only the walls stood as reminder of its existence. The children were still confused at that time why they were back to Narnia.

Fortunately, a red- haired dwarf who was sentenced to death told them everything, after they saved his life. New characters were introduced in this book. Prince Caspian himself was a new character, who leads Narnia into another concept of freedom, the freedom from an evil human ruler.

However, old characters such as Aslan, the lion who taught the four Pevensies to fight, still remain to be an important part in the story. Aslan, like in the first books, portrays courage, faith and hope.

Whenever Narnians faced battles against any enemy, Aslan inspires them to fight by talking sense into them. It is even said in the book that a breath of Aslan can soothe a scared or doubtful soul of any being.

Other significant characters in the story are the four children. Ordained as kings and queens of Narnia, it is their task to protect the magical land at all costs. So when they were summoned through the magical horn, the four of them immediately got back to Narnia.

Although, they are still children, the four Pevensies have already matured, and have taken responsibility for their actions. They portray more courage and better skills in battle. Peter, the oldest of the four, even battled Miraz the evil king of Narnia at that time.

This book is definitely worth reading. It is not dragging, and it keeps you interested even to the very last page. The book gives you a mixture of fun, adventure and drama; all rolled into one beautiful extension of the Chronicles of Narnia series.


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