Creative sector urged to form advocacy group


THE creation of an advocacy group to push for the interest of Cebu’s creative industry will serve as the private sector’s “voice” in gaining government support.

British Council Creative Economy Unit Head Andrew Senior ensued this idea following the recent launching of Creative Cebu early this month that gathered stakeholders from the local creative sector including visual artists, musicians, writers, designers, among others.

“The industry needs very strong, influential and articulate people to lead the Creative Cebu industry who will constantly work with the government and ultimately find help and support assistance,” Senior told reporters in an interview.

Senior cited that in the United Kingdom, the creative sector has gained huge support from government agencies because of the presence of advocates who “persistently” lobbied to strengthen the industry.

“Often times, and because of lack of knowledge about the industry, the creative sector is left with little recognition by the government. But it is an industry with great potential. It has a significant contribution to the economy,” he said.

The sustainability of the Creative Cebu program now lies in the hands of successful Cebuano creative entrepreneurs, said Senior. “They will be the one’s responsible in nurturing the province’s creative sector, providing opportunities for creative people to make money out of their world-class creations and talents.”

In his brief encounter with the present state of Cebus’ creative industry, Senior recommended strong government intervention in the education sector, given that the schools and universities are a venue for students to hone their talents and at the same time help them recognize the economic value of their hobbies and passion.

“Naturally, artists or creative people are the most difficult raw material to manage because their temperament are erratic and most of them do not have that strong business sense,” Senior said.

He reiterated government and the private sector should collaborate in forming a viable and sustainable program that will encourage players in the creative sector to capitalize on their talents and abilities to gain financial independence.

“We should eliminate the notion of a starving artist,” said Senior, adding that a strong networking between creative people and the alliance between creative entrepreneurs should be established.


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