Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club, C. de Oro’s newly-found treasure

University of the Philippines
BA Mass Communication

I AM not a golfer nor a country club member, but if there’s one place I would want to visit again in Cagayan de Oro City–the Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club.

We do visit Cagayan de Oro (CDO) once in a while. It has always been our stop whenever we go back to Cebu from Davao del Sur. But our CDO trips were sort of routine. From the Cagayan bus terminal, we go directly to my aunt’s place at Lapasan, where they used to stay.

We rest for awhile and at the same time get updated on each other’s lives. Then we take a two to three-minute walk to Jollibee and treat the little ones. After that, we go see Limketkai or Ororama, some of the malls there. It has been this same itinerary for years, nothing new and nothing exciting, which left a-not-so-nice impression on what the city has to offer.

This is absolutely the reason why my cousin’s wedding last August in Cagayan was something I looked forward to. I knew it was going to be a different CDO visit.

What made it special is not because we tried Whitewater River Rafting or Kayaking along the Cagayan de Oro river (how I wish we did) but simply because I discovered something which I never knew: Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club.

If you wish to have a relaxed, laid-back and undisturbed vacation, then Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club must be the perfect place. The whole place is but amazing. With the warmth of their service and hospitality of the crew, you just wouldn’t regret your stay.

Though you’re far from home, the place still makes you feel at home because their hotel rooms are very homey. The complete set of room facilities would make you want to stay longer. Its veranda would make you appreciate nature more because of the beautiful view you see.

Other facilities are of great attraction, too. It has sports halls, a game room, a fitness center and swimming pools. The well-maintained grounds are very inviting for a morning walk.

Because of my past experience, I always thought CDO had nothing else to offer, just those places I’ve always been to every time we drop by.

I forgot I have only been in one barangay of the whole city. Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club served as an eye opener.


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