Cebu’s biz group joins world on ‘Earth Hour’ on March 28

MEMBERS of the influential Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) are joining other towns and cities in today’s “Earth Hour” activity as they agreed to “switch off” their respective lights––sending a powerful global message that people can still do something in regard to “global warming.”

This year as the Philippines once again joins millions of communities all over the world in this symbolic act by literally “swtiching off” the lights for Earth Hour 2009, it is also the hour that CCCI joins in the advocacy of uniting the world against global warming.

“This global event is organized to symbolize that each one of us, working together, can make a difference on climate change,” the group said in a press statement.

The WWF-Philippines and the Department of Energy in cooperation with the Green Army and the Switch Movement organized the event.

To attain the goal of having 10 million people participating in the Earth Hour 2009 in the Philippines, the organizers are tapping the support of various sectors such as the academe, civil society, nongovernment organizations, business, church, local government units, nongovernment associations, media and the youth.

Among the CCCI member companies that have signified to participate in the Earth Hour 2009 include Catarman Industries, Inc., Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation, Cebu Industrial Park Developer, Inc., Cebu Parklane International Hotel, and Central Lumber Corp.;
Grand Holidays Travel and Tour, Gothong Southern Shipping Line, Green Bank Inc., Habagat Outdoor Equipment, Hive Manufacturing Company, Inc., Julies Franchise Corporation, Keywest Shipping, and Marco Polo Plaza-Cebu;

Metro Colon, Metro Ayala Center, Ng Khai Development Corp., Norkis Group of Companies, Password Security Agency, Inc., PEBA Trading and Mftg. Corp., Philhealth, Philmetal Products, Inc., and Pioneer Insurance, Platinum Holdings, Inc.;

Premier Beverage Corp., Prime Asia Pawn and Jewelry, QBC Philippines, Inc., QC Resources Corp.; Rameses Systems Inc., SM-City Cebu; Super Metro, T & H Furnishing Ind. Inc., Taft Property Venture Development Corp., and Unchuan Dev. Corp. Phils.;

Value Builders Glass and Aluminum Fabrication Specs., Inc., VICSAL Development Corp., VICSAL Securities Stocks Brokerage, and Wealth Development Bank.

The CCCI is ugning other member companies to participate in the worldwide big event.

The Earth Hour countdown today (March 28, 2009) will start from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“And we can help by switching off our lights from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening tonight,” said the CCCI in its press statement.

It said companies can do all or any of the following to participate in Earth Hour:

1) Switch off their corporate signages or majority or all of the lights at their headquarters and facilities during Earth Hour;

2) Encourage their employees to switch off lights in their households;

3) Mobilize their networks and communities to participate during the Earth Hour event;

4) Use their communication channels to promote Earth Hour; and

5) Place standard Earth Hour banners/streamers on their building façade/facilities that are visible to the public as part of awareness building.

Among the long-range measures that can be employed by businesses is to switch from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in their headquarters or facilities.

In 2008, more that 400 cities, 50 million people globally, and major icons all over the world observed the Earth HOur.

And the collective goal for 2009 is for one billion people from 1,000 cities globally to support this action on climate change.

In the Philippines, 10 million people and 500 corporations nationwide are expected to support this year’s Earth Hour activity.

Climate change threatens the very existence of our societies.
There is a need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that worsen global warming, through simple changes in lifestyle and through switching to energy efficient lighting systems.

Significant energy savings can be realized by switching off our lights for an hour.

The world needs to take a stand for more definitive actions to mitigate climate change effects. Thus, CCCI looks forward to your participation during Earth Hour 2009.


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