Writing is never easy

UP-Cebu College

“NAKA-publish naka?”

That’s the usual line I hear from my classmates whenever we are tasked to contribute our writing assignments on newspaper dailies. It’s this contribute-follow-up stage again where we try to chase editors for our articles to be published—though, not the literal chasing that you think.

Writing, for me, is never easy. The effort and time that I have spent to produce a “comprehensible” article is of so much haste. Yet, I won’t be giving up. I won’t. Never.

As I started writing articles for my Journalism subjects, I have learned one thing, and that is patience. It makes me stretch my one and only weakness and sometimes, I would ask myself, “Do I ever have one?”

There is also this interview and editing sessions that I and my classmates hate the most. Well, they don’t have any choice and neither do I. But more than that, I have opened my consciousness that this is what it is supposed to be.

[I can say] I have improved from how I write stories and articles, even when I do blogging. Posting my own write-ups on an online site, which could be read publicly, helped me enhance my skills in thinking and writing.

I can see that dipping myself more on this kind of field would make me a prolific writer, if not reaching for the highest of the highest standards in writing.

I have also connected the lines between campus journalism and the mainstream. It is fun to indulge your self in both fields to perform a much extraordinary-kind-of-taste piece.

I also came across with this word called desperation. I have experienced being rejected; rejected in a sense that no publication would run my articles. I sought help from my teacher and other classmates and at last, one article was published and it saved me from receiving a grade of INC (incomplete) on my report card. (See how difficult it is?)

Though the struggles were present, I have never regretted entering this field. With the help of persons who are kind enough to help me publish my article, I strived harder to reach my goal. I would even say I have an edge, not only because I am in a known institution for about a century now, but because I am confident enough to challenge myself and compete with the standards of the real world; yet, that edge must be sharpened enough for me to become the best that I can be.


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