Umpa to city prosecutors: File cases against Chang, Aguilar, Caitor

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REGIONAL state prosecutor Jaime Umpa yesterday urged the city’s prosecutors to file illegal gambling charges against suspected ‘‘video karera’’ syndicate boss Baby Chang and her self-confessed collectors Bernardo Aguilar and Felizer Caitor.

Umpa also asked why the Cocpo has not pressed charges against Chang, Aguilar and Caitor until now.

Umpa said the city prose-cutor’s office could file cases in court even without a complaint from the Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo).

He said prosecutors should not wait for the police to act against Chang (her name is spelled ‘‘Bebe’’ or ‘‘Bebeng’’ in some documents), Caitor and Aguilar, the suspected triggerman in the March 5 shooting of broadcaster Nilo Labares.

City prosecutors, according to Umpa, could use as bases the sworn statements made by Aguilar and Caitor. They admitted in their affidavits that they were involved in illegal gambling operations and that they were working for Chang.

Aguilar and Caitor signed the affidavits that were used by Supt. Antonio Montalba in pressing charges against DxCC broadcasters Nilo Labares, Rey Maraunay, Jun Estanio and Jao Gumapac. Montalba has accused the broadcasters of receiving bribes from Chang’s group.

“It’s very obvious,” said Umpa, adding that he studied the affidavits signed by Caitor and Aguilar.

“There was already an admission made by Aguilar and Caitor. That in itself is enough for them to be charged in court,” he said.


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