‘Passion and Purity’

University of the Philippines, Cebu College

I NEVER considered surrendering my love life to God until I read this book entitled “Passion and Purity” by Elizabeth Elliot. It is about bringing one’s love life under the authority of Jesus Christ, along with some practical tips on dealing with heartaches, waiting for someone and other heart-related issues.

I thought God doesn’t bother to care about people’s love life because He has a lot of more important things to deal with. But that was proven wrong by this book, which clearly illustrated how God orchestrated and designed the love life of two people who agreed to surrender it to Him.

In the book, Elizabeth Elliot emphasized the need to commit daily to Christ all matters of the heart and wait upon Him. She supported this by telling her love story with Jim Elliot who later became her husband after five years of painful yet rewarding waiting on God’s will.

The book is divided in several chapters which talks about different topics regarding issues like singleness or marriage, virginity and chastity, man and woman’s role in relationship and other related topics.

Elizabeth Elliot writes with warmth and humor as she dusts off topics tackled in every generation such as commitment, integrity and honor.
The author supported her claims through letters, diary entries and recollections she had during their “courtship period.”

She also shared their sacrifices, difficulties, temptations and victories in their struggle to commit to Christ first rather than to their own love for each other.

The stories in the book supported by biblical teachings will surely change your perspective about love and dating. It will also remind you to put aside your human passion and pursue God’s plan in our life, from then everything will follow.


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