The art of self-defense

UP-Cebu College

THE University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College recently held an Arnis workshop for it’s PE Arnis students entitled “Filipino Martial Arts Eskrima.”

Arnis, which originated here in the Philippines, is a martial art system that encompasses training in weapons and empty-handed self-defense. Commonly practiced with rattan sticks(cane), Arnis includes training in stick-fighting, double-stick fighting, stick and knife fighting, and knife techniques.

Eskrima, on the other hand, is a class of Arnis that emphasizes stick and sword fighting.

“After a semester of basic Arnis skills training, this workshop aims to further provide our students more skills, techniques and knowledge in Arnis.” says Junius Bryan M. Palermo, workshop and UPVCC PE Office Coordinator.

The workshop was led by instructors Dan Ritchelle A. Guba and Cesario A. Perez, World Champions in Sparring Competitions and both Junior Instructors in Doce Pares Headquarters, an Academy of Eskrima.
Techniques on how to take down and disarm opponents, stick vs. stick, emptyhand vs. stick and knife vs. emptyhand fighting were demonstrated by Guba and Perez, for the students to follow and practice at the later part of the workshop.

“It was really a pleasure having had shared our knowledge in Arnis. We could see how willing and determined the students are to learn what we demonstrate.” Guba and Perez said.

“Filipino Martial Arts ESKRIMA” was the first ever Arnis Workshop in UPVCC. After it’s success, Palermo expects more enrollees in the field in the upcoming semesters.

“When the sem was about to end, I thought that I already knew a lot about Arnis. Yet, after the workshop, I’ve realized that I still got more to learn.It made me curious and a lot more determined to learn the art of self-defense.” says Grimpil Malinao, a Management sophomore.


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