The God of Small Things

UP-Cebu College

A STORY of inner solitude, despair and salvaged dreams of an Indian family who crossed a forbidden territory. Written by a well-known Indian activist, Arundhati Roy, the book was one of the most remarkable and talked about fiction debuts of the 1990’s.

Following an unusual structure of setting out a story, Roy painted in abstract the whole story in the first chapter. Roy did an excellent job storytelling. Though the story is not told in sequence, the reader will never feel lost or bewildered with the tale. With its non-linear gathering and repetitions of its most painful and ecstatic moments, Roy ‘s intimate narrative reflects the logic of human memory sifting through the past to assess the damaged state of the present.

The story covers the lives of the twins, Estha and Rahel who experienced loss at an early age, and find redemption as adults. With their cousin’s death, Sophie Mol, the formerly inseparable twins parted from each other. Sophie’s death had a great impact on their lives.

They became victims of circumstances. The story is a description of how the small things in life build up and cause a turmoil and affect the lives of many.

A story of inner solitude. How can a mistake from the past alter the happiness of the present? How can a family of strong moral belief be in solitude? Is happiness always a risk to take? How much love should you give?

How do you take it back when you can’t hold it any longer?

Intriguing, fascinating and heart-warming, “The God of Small Things”.


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