Tests for heart disease


THINK a minute.

Imagine that people around you were dying from a terrible disease only because they were not tested and treated with medicine early enough. Wouldn’t you want to be tested right away so you could get help before it was too late?

Yet there is a serious disease that is worse than cancer or AIDS. And you can know today whether or not you have this deadly disease. Just take this quick test that could save your life.

Number one: Is there someone with whom you’re very angry? A person who deeply hurt and wronged you? It could be someone in your family. A friend. Someone you work with. Maybe it happened a long time ago, but you’re still angry and bitter toward them.

Number two: Do you blame someone else for your problems? Your parents? Your husband or wife? You think it is other people’s fault why you’re not happy and successful. Maybe you even blame God for not helping you like you think He should.

Number three: Do you find yourself getting angry at someone today because that person reminds you of someone else who wronged and hurt you in the past?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re suffering from the deadly disease of unforgiveness. Your only cure is to forgive that person who wronged and hurt you. You need to do it today—before this disease turns into hate and bitterness that destroys you inside.

Doctors tell us that anger and unforgiveness can cause high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, headaches, arthritis, and many other diseases. Unforgiveness will also destroy your marriage, family, and all of your other relationships.

But worst of all, if you will not forgive that other person, then God cannot forgive you. Jesus Christ warns us that if our heart is closed to give love and forgiveness to others, then it is also closed and cannot receive God’s gift of forgiveness.

So for your own sake, won’t you ask Jesus to forgive and heal your heart today?

Then, you can finally be free to forgive others and enjoy the healthy, happy new life Jesus wants to give you.

Just Think a Minute…


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