Faith Domingo: Challenging Contradictions


TECHNICALLY she started painting when her father introduced her to his childhood friend Mr. Emmie Borres, who taught her the basics. From then on she was encouraged to pursue her dream to become a visual artist.

Faith “Winnie” Domingo is one of those young, promising and talented artists in this era. “My sources of inspiration are countless at the moment, but to pinpoint some, I usually dwell on that thought that things were simple back then yet now things are filled with contradictions,” Faith shared.

In making her art pieces, she uses oil. “I love its smell because it satisfies my cravings. The thrill of combining colors to produce a new one gives me delight”, she said.

Inspired by Monet, Van Gough and Rembrandt, most of her paintings are in impressionism style yet considering that the art scene is now on its contemporary mode, she also does mixed media art. “My art is purely aesthetic and everyone is entitled to experience its beauty. Art for me is my way of life”, Faith added.

Apart from being a full-timer, she also does reservations or bookings for 1st Rafting Adventure, a rafting outfitter based in Cagayan de Oro and filming of Deep Gold and Tears from Afar under Bigfoot Entertainment.

She has not affiliated with any art group but has exhibited her works together with Arvin Magbutay, Jill Balbuena, and Francis Ryan Gonzales. Faith Domingo is set to have an exhibit along with Francis Gonzales at Gallery Q this April.

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