Eating fruits daily can keep infections away

DAGUPAN City––Eating fruits everyday can keep infections away, according to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST).

Like vegetables, fruits are regulatory foods that contain vitamins and minerals.

These foods protect the eyesight, keep skin smooth and clean, prevent the occurrence of some bleeding gums and easily bruised skin.
They increase body resistance against infection and common illnesses like colds.

They are also good sources of fiber which help prevent constipation common during pregnancy.

For adults, the FNRI-DOST suggests eating two to three servings of fruits everyday to fight infections.

One serving of fruit is equivalent to one medium size fruit or one slice of a big fruit. In addition, one serving of these mentioned should be vitamin C-rich.

Anonas, strawberry, ripe papaya, cashew, datiles, atis, guwayabano, ripe mango, melon, tomato, siniguelas, and naranghita are examples of vitamin C-rich fruits.

Fruits can be served either cooked or raw.

They can be cooked and sieved for those who need soft food like the older people.

Here are some additional information about fruits:

Yellow fruits like papaya and ripe mango provide provitamin A.
Ripe papaya has more vitamin C than suha, banana and pineapple; guava than calamansi; guava than ripe mango; and cashew than dalanghita.

Red guava has more vitamins C and A than white guava.

Unripe mango contains more vitamin C than ripe mango but ripe mango has lots of provitamin A, but only small amount of vitamin C.

Medium ripe papaya gives more vitamin C, riboflavin, iron, calcium and protein than ripe papaya, but when ripe it provides provitamin A.
Indeed, there are plenty of fruits to choose from that can provide health and nutritional benefits. dost-fnri


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