Who does He think He is?


THINK a minute.

Have you ever wondered what the big deal is about Easter and this man Jesus Christ? Who exactly was He? People who don’t even like Him still agree that Jesus Christ taught and lived the highest standard of love and morality the world has ever known. But what made Him so different from all the other religious teachers and prophets, so that the world’s calendar centers on this one man’s birth?

Remember, Jesus said that He’s the One Who has the authority to forgive people’s wrongs and sins. Jesus said that He’s the One Who will judge every person in the world when they die. Jesus even claimed He’s the Lord over death and the Creator of all life. So Who does this
man think He is? God? Exactly! And He proved it. When He gave His innocent, perfect life for the wrongs of mankind, was buried for 3 days, and then came back to life! Only God Himself has the power to create life from death.

So what about other prophets and teachers who came after Jesus with new revelations, teachings and books they claim are also from God?

Jesus very strongly warned us that any person who adds another teaching or book to the Bible, Jesus said that man is a liar and His teaching or book of revelation is not true. Because nobody, not even a priest or prophet, can add anymore to the revelation, teaching, and truth of God Himself in the Bible. Jesus warned we should never believe or follow these false prophets and religions, even if they call themselves a Christian church or followers of Jesus Christ.

You may be thinking: “Ok, if Jesus is God and the Only One Who can forgive all my wrongs, so what? What’s that to me?”

Well, Jesus has everything to do with your life—both now and after you die. What we do with Jesus in our life now decides what He will do with us after we die. You must decide for yourself 1 of 3 choices who Jesus Christ really is: He’s either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord of the world, just who He said and proved He is. Jesus said and showed that He’s God Himself, the Creator of all life, and Lord over death. That means He’s your and my Judge Who’s the only One Who can forgive and save you from suffering in hell, away from Him forever.

So if you understand that Jesus is God your Maker, just as He said and proved He is, then the smart choice is to obey everything He commanded and live His way every day of your life. His way’s the only way you can live the true, satisfying life He created you to enjoy—now and forever.

Just think a minute.


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