‘Land asia realty, development corp.’

TODAY’S global business environment is characterized by the emergence of new local and foreign-invested enterprises in industries where competition and territory are no longer a restriction.

Land Asia Realty and Development Corporation, apart from the in-depth knowledge in sales and valuation management, LARDC has the right people in the business, led by Realtor Ricardo “Ric” N. Inting, as chief executive officer (CEO) and the first presidents team member, under the new marketing plan backed by a sales force consisting of 10 Global investment directors and its network of regional property consultants, property consultants, and associate property consultants. These property consultants were trained to ensure its clients with the highest standards of service.

Members of the Board consist of prominent men and women who are into varied types of professional endeavors.

Its vast knowledge, skills, background, and connection combines one huge advantage for the total effective management of the corporation.

The CEO, a licensed Real Estate Broker and member of Cebu Realtors Board (CEREB) and served as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Engineer Nigel Paul VIllarete and Mr. Cresente C. Paez of Schema Konsult and Kakasaka Foundation respectively and Atty. Rodulfuz Reyes assumes officers o the board.

Land Asia has been in the business for 12 years now, consistently outshining in the competition in real estate marketing and innovations.

It has increase its man power resource in leaps and bounce making Land Asia as one of the most respected realty firm in the Asia Pacific rim.

“Making the right move means getting complete sceneries on property markets, thus, professional advice is made even more compelling for such major decisions”.


For the past decade in the real estate business, LARDC gained the reputation as Cebu’s powerful real estate broker, the entity is now an integral part of the property scene in the Visayas region.

Its resources––human, financial and technological––create a certain assurance of quality performance.

However, despite market leadership, LARDC has continuously prioritized investment in human resource development like maintaining manpower build-up programs to realize networking as an effective sales strategy, further, this method improves the skills in identifying opportunities as well as potential industry trends so that, it enables the company to take appropriate actions at the right time.

LARDC has tremendously increase business gain in terms of assets both in cash flows, investments and acumen making it the most stable realty firm in Cebu.

For its operational efficiency, LARDC acquired a most sophisticated corporate headquarter with a define property show lounge and well appointed buyers lounge.

LARDC is the first and only realty firm that employs an integrated networking software solution integrating enterprise resource planning, development project monitoring and sales accounting processes.

Aside from its enabling capabilities LARDC has enhance its facilities in information, Education, and Communication, by formulating courses for its property consultants.

Its training lounge is equipped with state of the art multimedia facilities.


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