BPOs to gain from international MBA program

By JADE LOPEZ, Reporter

THE opening of an international Masters in Business Administration (MBA) school in Cebu is targeted to address the crisis of maintaining mid-management manpower pool among business process outsourcing (BPO) companies here, an Australian investor said.

Michael Burdette, chairman and director-finance for Tech Growth Solutions Cebu Inc., expressed interest to partner with local institutions to set up an international MBA school so that Cebu will be able supply the much needed managers and supervisors for the BPO sector.

Burdette added he is willing to invest in a school facility that will also tap international MBA instructors in partnership with existing universities or colleges here.

“We don’t have problem in hiring entry level people. But, just like other BPOs, we have difficulties in hiring supervisors, and managers,” he said in an interview.

Burdette cited the friendly disposition of Cebuanos is one of the province’s greatest assets in terms of attracting BPO companies, including the strong support of local government units, good infrastructure, and relatively good supply of entry-level manpower.

With Cebu having been proclaimed the number one emerging city for outsourcing and offshoring businesses, Burdette stressed the establishment of an international MBA school may further push up Cebu’s position as BPO investment magnet.

Burdette runs his own company here, Tech Growth Solutions, which provides outsourcing services such as bookkeeping, business planning, business strategy, telemarketing, among others, to companies based in Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Belgium.

He bared hiring 2,000 employees in the next few months, of which salaries will range from P10,000 for entry-level employees to as high as P200,000 per month.

“Investors in the BPO sector are serious of their businesses, especially in the Philippines. We long at the long term effects of the business,” said Burdette.

Burdette said he has already poured in about $1-million Australian dollars to set up its facility here located at Cebu Asia Town IT Park, and is ready to spend more for the expansion of the company’s operation here, including the establishment of an International MBA school.


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