Philips to recall seven million coffee makers

BRUSSELS––Dutch electronic giant Philips is going to recall about 7 million defective Senseo coffee-making machines worldwide which might cause injuries to consumers, a spokesman of the company said Tuesday.

So far more than 25 million Senseo coffee makers have been sold around the world, but the safety problems only concern machines made between July 2006 and November 2008, spokesman Joon Knapen told Xinhua.

As a result of a heavy calcium build-up combined with a safety catch failure, the boilers of the coffee makers in question may burst under pressure when the flow of air through a valve is blocked.

Philips said in its quarterly report on Tuesday it has reserved 30 million euros (40 million US dollars) for the recall.

There have been “a couple of minor injuries” reported in European countries, Knapen said.

He said actions have been taken in some countries to recall or repair the machines, including the Netherlands, Austria, Britain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the United States.

He said Philips has not taken any action in China and some other possible markets of the defective machines, because the company “needs to talk with national regulators first” and decide on what actions to be taken.

The odds of a machine bursting is as slim as “three in a million,” Knapen said. He said Philips is launching the recall as a “voluntary step.” pna-xinhua


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