Summertime at Cebu’s summer capital

DALAGUETE, Cebu–It’s summer time. What better way to spend your summer than spending it at Cebu’s Summer Capital: Dalaguete town. In 2006, the Provincial Government of Cebu officially declared Dalaguete as the “Summer Capital of Cebu.”

Beginning this summer, Ocean Bay Beach Resort, the local resort in Dalaguete town, in partnership with the Local Government of Dalaguete, offers tour package to the heritage sites and highlands of Dalaguete.

Legend has it that when the Spaniards came to Dalaguete they asked the name of the place from a woman who was washing clothes at Obong Spring. The spring is the site where a huge balete tree, locally known as Dalakit is found. Believing that they were asking for the name of the tree, she answered “Dalakit” from which the name Dalaguete was derived. To date, a centuries-old balete tree, known as Dalakit, proudly stands at Obong Spring. One can take a dip–cool down at the crystal blue water of Obong Spring.

One can also admire the centuries-old church, buildings, houses at the Poblacion.

According to the book “Dalaguete: Cebu Heritage Frontier” published by the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), the construction of San Guillermo de Aquitaña Church in Dalaguete started in 1802 and was initiated by Fr. Juan Chacel. The church was finished in 1825. The church has a ceiling painted with biblical scenes and personalities.

Nearby the church, the octagonal three-story bell tower, walls, watch tower, osarium, and many more centuries-old buildings and structures can be found.

From the Poblacion, one can then proceed to the highlands of Dalaguete, starting with Mantalongon Road, known by the locals as “Paling-Paling Road”. The construction of this vital road link to the mountains was initiated by Fr. Ruperto Sarmiento between 1931-1933 and prisoners with minor sentences helped in the construction of this road, this according to the book “Dalaguete: Cebu Heritage Frontier”.

To really experience the highlands of Dalaguete, put on your comfortable shoes or slippers, your good old hat or umbrella and walk the 45-minute trail to the highlands prepared by the Local Government of Dalaguete.

In this 45-minute walking trail, you can truly experience the cool provincial fresh air brushing through your face, hear the chirping, not of birds but frogs, and watch the farmers tend their vegetable farms along the way. Highlight of this 45-minute walking trail is a pit stop at Osmeña Peak. At this peak, located near the border of Dalaguete though part already of Badian town, admire the natural wonders of the world–from the limestone mountain rocks to the view of the province of Negros Oriental.

As Dalaguete town happens to be the “Vegetable Basket of Central Visayas”, what better way to end the trip than to buy vegetable pasalubong for loved ones.

For a guided tour to Dalaguete, contact Ocean Bay Beach Resort at (+63) (032) 484-8003 or visit its website at


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