Lawmaker bats for salary hike for barangay officials

A LADY lawmaker has filed a bill seeking to alleviate the plight of barangay officials by increasing their monthly salary. Manila Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David, author of House Bill No. 6059, said the adjustment in the monthly pay of barangay officials would also help them cope with the increase in the prices of commodities, particularly food and oil.

The bill seeks to upgrade the monthly pay of elective and appointive barangay officials, ranging from not less than P1,200 per month as allowance or honorarium for “Barangay Tanods” and “Lupong Tagapamayapa” and up to not less than P6,000 per month for “Punong Barangay.”

It also seeks to amend Section 393 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines and provide benefits to barangay officials who serve as immediate and direct arm of the government to the people.

“The measure aims to serve as a recognition and an act of gratitude to the men and women who play a big role in the betterment and success of barangay governance and the welfare of its community, which is indispensable element of local autonomy,” said Bonoan-David.

She noted that the barangay officials are the ones in charge of the administration of the affairs and tasked to maintain the peace and order within the barangay as well as its relation with the adjacent barangays.

“The barangay officials are also in charge of creating its laws to be implemented within the barangay for the proper administration,” she added.

Yet, the lady solon noted, these barangay officials “only get a minimal amount of salary as compensation, which they receive every three months.”

As such, Bonoan-David sought for the immediate passage of her proposal to help the barangay officials. A report from the Philippine News Agency


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