Aklan’s rich fiber industry is the town’s ‘gold’

KALIBO, Aklan––If Aklan’s Boracay Island is considered as a national treasurer, the Fiber Industry Development Authority (Fida) bared that the province’s rich fiber industry is its other gem.

FIDA Administrator Cecilia Gloria Soriano said that unknown to many, the fiber products of the province has reached the fashion streets of New York, a manifestation that the quality of Aklan fibers is golden.

She cited Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap saying that a dresses sold in fashion stores in New York with materials coming from Aklan are sold as high as 5,000 US dollars.

Soriano served as the keynote speaker of the 10th Aklan Pina and Fiber Festival both organized by the FIDA and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

This year’s celebration also coincided with the declaration of the United Nations that 2009 is the year of natural fibers.

Aside from the New York fashion, the FIDA is also currently is coordinating with the city government of Marikina to try introducing natural fibers in its shoe industry and likewise promote the product to the Zobel de Ayala firms, although they are already regular patrons of the province’s fiber products.

“I therefore urged the Aklan farmers to plant more fibers such as pina, abaca, raffia, and others because there is a worldwide demand for it,” said Soriano.

She noted there is already a law, Republic Act 9242, which mandates government employees in the country to use fibers in their uniforms, which will increase demand for these fibers.

Anna India Legaspi of the Aklan Pina Manufacturers and Traders Association Inc (Aklan Pina MANTRA) said aside from New York, the province is also exporting fibers to Europe and Asian countries.

Aklan is also the supplier for European famous brand Calvin Klein. Philippine News Agency


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