Climate change coalition launched in Cebu

Cebu Gold Star Daily reporter

THE provincial government of Cebu received the “Climate Change Coalition Flag” from Presidential Adviser on Global Warming and Climate Change Secretary Heherson Alvarez, signaling the formal launch of the climate change coalition in Cebu as the world celebrated Earth Day yesterday.

“We are at war, fighting for the survival of Earth. The coalition was formed to find solutions to the pressing problem of global warming and climate change,” Alvarez said after handing over the “Climate Change Coalition Flag” to Cebu governor Gwendolyn Garcia in a ceremony attended by stakeholders and businessmen.

The flag features the official logo of the coalition, which will be the country’s official “seal of good housekeeping” in as far as climate change solutions are concerned.

“As climate change stake holders and friends of the environment, we are asking government agencies, the mayors, business sectors, and the general public to disseminate and fly this flag as a badge of honor and proof of commitment that they are supporting or engaging in programs that help mitigate climate change,” Alvarez said.

The Climate Change Coalition was formally launched by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on April 17 in Quezon City. In Cebu, Alvarez said the President tasked him to form the coalition here.“Why form the coalition?

Because we need to find solution on the problem of carbon emission, which is a threat to our life support system,” he stressed, adding that unless the country and the rest of the world cut carbon emission by 40 percent in 2020, communities will be destroyed due to the effects of climate change.

He said harnessing the power of the sun and waves is the most effective way of sourcing out energy instead of sticking to fossil fuel that causes the emission of carbon into the atmosphere.

“Here in Cebu, we would like to awaken the nation and the rest of the world to the need to cut carbon emission.

Let’s cut carbon and move to low carbon and hopefully carbon-neutral community in 2020,” said Alvarez.


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