North Korea to charge US journalists


STATE media in North Korea said Friday that investigators have completed the questioning of two detained US journalists and will bring formal charges against them.

The Korean Central News Agency said the two will stand trial based on their crimes, but it did not give specifics of the charges.

Reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling of the San Francisco-based Current TV were detained on March 17 while reporting on North Korean refugees in China.

North Korea has accused them of entering the country illegally.

Reporters Without Borders has condemned the North Korean government for treating the women as criminals for “simply doing their jobs.”

The Paris-based media group said it has gathered the signatures of more than 1,100 journalists and Internet bloggers in support of the two women, who could face up to 10 years of forced labor if convicted.

It said the two journalists traveled to the border area with an American cameraman and a Chinese guide to investigate the trafficking of North Korean women.

The cameraman and the guide were not taken by the North Koreans.


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