An afternoon with the ‘felines’

Intern, UP-Cebu

AFTER consuming my oranges, I was thinking of how to spend my afternoon somewhere else. Not because I want to, but because I need to escape the boredom that will encircle my forthcoming night with no work to do and no show to watch. Until I saw them again.

When I arrived from the field, I saw them flocking together while enjoying the afternoon sun. And as usual, whenever I arrive, they scamper away. I enjoyed the peace they gave me while I consumed my batch of oranges.

It was then that I noticed that the two of them are at it, again. They are again having their wildcats’ chase and cats’ fight while clambering on the neighbor’s roof. One is going to run away while enticing her sister to chase her, which she eventually would do. Once the other one gets caught up, they start the mini fight. A fight which involves a little opening of the hand to stretch out to the other’s face and a little bite to any part of the other’s body which results to no real pain.

Odd how their game goes like, from chasing to biting, to chasing and biting, and on again.

Until a mestiza lady walked in and gave the two sisters a scare and drove them away. Both were scared. The first one had the chance to jump from the roof to the stairs, while the other one fell to the pots of plants.

Their father, who came from nowhere, showed up driving the mestiza lady away. At last, the villain was gone. I guess the father was just on a nearby roof all along, watching her two daughters learn their ways of life. The father that he is, he came to protect his children when a foreigner came in to make his children’s fight play into a fight of reality.

When the mestiza went away, only one daughter went back. She stood at a distance waiting for her father to acknowledge her. When he did not, she just slowly made her way to him. At first, she was trying to have her father acknowledge or even look at her. Her father, just sat, and stare. She touched his face. Still, he remained unplugged. Maybe he’s tired. Or he’s lazy. Or perhaps he’s just too old for his daughter’s game.

So she toured the roof alone, scratching her paws on it every now and then. Trying to get a comfortable position, she shifted every now and then with a burst of a little frustration each time she is unsuccessful with her attempts.

After getting frustrated with her first spot, she went to a new one to try getting it out again. After a few tries, she squatted more comfortably while executing her call of nature.

She tried to scratch the roof again and again. Her attempt again to cover her crime proved to be futile. There was no enough dust to cover the evidence.

After realizing that, she simply walked away from her crime with no second thought and no charges filed against her.

I guess cats are crazy, but I’d be crazier to try to understand their ways of life. But their craziness brought a good out of it. Imagine, I save myself P13 for fare alone, and money I could have spent should I have gone out.


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