Media’s role is to promote understanding not conflict


CAGAYAN de Oro City––Press Secretary Cerge M. Remonde congratulated the members of the Cagayan de Oro Press Club (COPC) for their dedication and dynamism in doing their job as messengers of truth, but reminded them to be cautious of the power of media.

Remonde, who was the guest speaker of the club’s 58th induction ceremonies at the VIP Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City recently, said power for its own sake is dirty and only becomes meaningful if used for the common good.

“With power comes great responsibility. We all know how important is the role that we are playing, because we define the issues of the day. We have the power to create, the power to build and also the power to destroy. This power can make you ‘intoxicated’ as some of our colleagues have been intoxicated wrongly,” he said.

He added: “Kon ang usa ka mediaman, usa ka brodkaster o usa ka magsusulat masayop, ang kasaypanan nga iyang mahimo mopatay sa kamatuoran ug kung mamatay ang kamatuoran, kita magapos sa kangitngit sa ka-ignorante (A wrong-doing of a mediaman, he be a broadcaster or a journalist, can kill the truth and once truth is dead, it makes people live in the confines and darkness of ignorance).”

“Only the truth can set us free and once it is dead because of our wrong-doing, then we have been irresponsible in our practice,” the press secretary stressed.

He said: “We know that politics in this country has been made into a commercial proposition instead of a noble public service.”

“So that the challenge for us is to improve the quality of politics by improving the quality and level of public and political conditions which we can do since we are the ones that dictate the political, civic and public discourse,” he said.

“So now we wonder, Ngano nakabaton kita ug katilingban nga nagkagubot ug nagkaguliyang? Di ba nga kita nakatampo niining maong kagubot ug kaguliyang (Why do we have a society that is in chaos. Have we not contributed to this chaos?)” Remonde asked.

“Are we promoting understanding which is the purpose of communication? Is the kind of dialogue we are pushing, one that generates heat? Remember that when we generate heat, we kindle fire and when we start the fire, we will end up in social conflagration. Yet, when we generate light, we create illumination and understanding and in understanding we can arrive at a better social comfort,” came Remonde’s retort.

On a lighter note, the Press Secretary said “If Latin is the language to communicate with God, German with the horse and French with love, then “ang atong kaugalingong pinulongan mao ang lingguwahe sa atong kasing-kasing (our own dialect is the language of our hearts).”


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