Cebu-based firms turn to ‘company stylist’

By JADE LOPEZ, Cebu Gold Star Daily Reporter

EVEN with the challenging economic conditions, Cebu-based firms are now turning to “company stylist” to further intensify branding efforts.
“The market for this kind of service is growing. The more that companies are willing to spend for stylish events and out-of the-box concepts in order to snatch consumers’ attention, as the market has become very competitive,” said Dexter Alaxas, who along with other artist-partners established Stylism.

Stylism is a firm that professionalizes image building and offers sustainable educational services for young artisits.

Alazas, who is himself a fashion designer, is working closely with a pool of Cebuano creative individuals, including graphic artists, singers, dancers, models, and the likes for big projects.

He said Cebu-based companies are now beginning to recognize the need to “re-brand and re-style” in order to remain highly competitive amid an economic slowdown.

Advertising strategies have now expanded to different “themed events” such as unique beach parties during the Summer that allows clients of big companies to experience a new kind of promotional tactic.

“They (companies) feel the need to stimulate buyers’ interest by developing a better style image. This is where Stylism comes, we are their ‘stylists’,” said Alazas.

He envisions Stylism to become a full-blown “one-stop-shop” creative service company that will not only offer event conceptualization strategies,

re-branding, styling, among others, but also include the development of creative writing, harnessing modeling talents, among the young generation.

In the educational aspect, Stylism, through the Stylissimo School, will kick off its first modelling, beauty pageant mentoring, and creative writing summer classes, to develop the creativity of children.

Earlier, Creative Cebu advocate Jay Aldeguer called on Cebuano talents to adopt a paradigm shift in using teir talents to become more entrepreneurial.


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