The flesh trade is here to stay


HERBIE Gomez’s article on Cagayan de Oro being a tourist destination for cheap sex is a fine piece of journalistic work. It is also a waste of time.

Does anyone think the authorities will lift a finger to stop the flesh trade? I’ll bet a month’s salary they won’t. There might be much saber-rattling, huffing and puffing, and pictures of suspects (the small fry) being hauled off to jail, but it will remain only that: a show.

“Come on, surely you must be jesting, surely our authorities are more responsible than that,” someone must already be objecting. Well, maybe, except that common sense point to their being otherwise. In the first place, why is it so easy for Herbie Gomez to get all the information he has, and oh so impossible for our authorities to do the same? Is it because Herbie’s way too smart for the ordinary guy?

Maybe Herbie’s smart, but so are many others. Is it because Herbie knows his way around the Internet? Maybe, but so should our authorities. Or is it because Herbie’s not connected in any way with these honky-tonks? Naah, the insinuation simply couldn’t be.

Here I must also take a dig at our parents, who, much more than our authorities, are responsible for the sorry state of many of our women without whom there would be no prostitution, nor cybersex, nor pornography. It is our parents who are ultimately to blame. If you disagree, just take a look at the way moms would beam from ear to ear seeing their grade school and high school daughters strut their marching band stuff in skimpy outfits.

Take a look at how proud some moms are seeing their daughters in the latest cleavage fashion wear. Consider how loose parents are with their daughters when it comes to boyfriends being all over their daughters’ bodies.

Finally I must take a dig at our Church authorities who ultimately would answer to God for this sorry state of affairs.

There was a time people wouldn’t believe there’s such a thing as a whale, until they saw one. There was a time people wouldn’t believe the sound barrier could be broken, until Chuck Yeager did. Only a few years back, people wouldn’t believe the world would survive the turn of the century, it did.

Here, we have the opposite. We have a citizenry who like to believe the flesh trade will stop. Alas, the flesh trade is here to stay.


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