Global consulting firm seeks local artists to support ‘online’

HERE’S an opportunity for local artists to expand their horizons in the global arena, or even just within the country. A Cebu-based consulting company operating in the global arena through the internet has started a corporate mission to support promising local artists to expand their horizons for opportunities.

AAA Commercial Brokers & Consultancy, Inc. (AAACBC) wants to sponsor local artists and promote their capabilities and their works on the world wide web, giving them online presence and further market their works on the internet.

“We wish to give the artists a chance of exposure and the opportunity to market their works,” noted a press release from the company.

“We believe in the talent of the Filipinos, especially in times of economical crisis when artist are among those most affected. We want to help them,” it added.

AAACBC has already started to sponsor one local artist, Guy Custodio, a visual artist based in Bohol whose website — — has recently been launched.

The company now seeks for more local artists to support. It prefers those who have real talents but only lack resources to promote their art, with actual works to show and can demonstrate their ability.

They must also be natural-born Filipinos who have not been sponsored before. They may preferably be based in Cebu or within the region, but the company is open with supporting those based as far north as Batanes or south in Tawi-Tawi.

“If you feel that your form of art deserves a stage and should get exposed 24/7 around the globe then let us know we can help you to get just that,” said the AAACBC press release.

AAACBC will cover the cost for the artist’s online domain registration and the hosting of the website. “We will also design the site with you and develop it for you – no strings attached,” it said.

AAA CBC will not limit itself with supporting only visual artists, like Custodio.

It can be in any form of art that can be showcased online.

They may be singers, those who play musical instruments — whether on strings, like the guitar, violin or piano, or by wind, like the trumpet, sax and flute – as well as sculptors and designers.

Interested artists or anyone who knows somebody who deserves the support AAACBC is ready to give, may write and send an email


One thought on “Global consulting firm seeks local artists to support ‘online’

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